Little Missy Messy is complete!

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Well it’s been a couple years in development and has taken multiple revisions to get where it is today, but I have finally finished and submitted the children’s book I’ve been working on, Little Missy Messy, to both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It should be live in the latter within the next couple of hours as they do not have a review process like Apple does, but I expect that Apple will be done with their reviews in the next couple of days. In celebration, I will shortly be publishing some of the code I used in developing this project for other developers to use on GitHub. The project was created using FlashDevelop, so everything is written in ActionScript 3. There are plenty of gotchas that I had to learn about with development that I worked out over time, and to facilitate things I ended up creating a general mobile application framework for AS3. The framework handles the initialization, pausing, resuming, closing, graphic and sound loading, and includes a number of utility functions to assist in faster development. It has a few dependencies, of course, such as the powerful Starling graphics framework and a personal fork of the ASaudio project. Once everything is live I’ll update this post with the relevant links. In the mean time, here’s a chunk of code I wrote for Google Apps Script that checks the play store URL to see if the application has been published: