CopyCache is an internal content caching, management and billing system using PHP and MySQL. Using customized and automated workflows, thousands of users can manage content from conception to writing to completion and finally publishing. Managers and publishers can use detailed reporting tools to analyze the cost and effectiveness of content written for site, from analyzing a single piece all the way up to all pieces in the system. Users are also provided an invoicing system for both freelance and in-house writers, allowing all pieces to be considered for cost analysis.

Reno Tracks (Android)

Reno Tracks is an open-source project that uses your phone’s GPS to record your bike routes, as well as track the location of assets and issues that would make a difference to cyclists, like bike racks or cracks in a bike path. The android version is currently in a public beta with plans to move to a 1.0 release in the near future. Interested riders can join the Reno Tracks Google+ community to talk with other riders and to opt into the beta, or view the source code on Github

Little Missy Messy

Little Missy Messy is a delightful interactive children’s picture book that provides both fun and learning at the same time. Developed and revised over time, the book was initially launched as an iPad and Android tablet app, later being expanded to support smaller format screens like the iPhone and Android phones.

AnoChat began as a simple idea for a quick way to talk to people without having to provide any personal information. After several iterations in design and platform, I eventually settled on a minimal JavaScript client design that interacted with PHP-based socket server. Over time other features were developed into the system such as not requiring a name when starting or joining a room, parsing text for hyperlinks, and notifying the user when a message fails to send. The site was developed on and off over the course of 3 years, having it’s final bugs hammered out shortly after it’s public release and it’s code made available on GitHub.

Something Peripheral

Something Peripheral is a collaborative effort between my friend Ryne and I with the purpose of writing about technology we enjoy discussing and critquing. Content would range from how-to’s, commentary on the latest gadgets, or sometimes maybe just a rant. Developed on top of WordPress, I worked with Ryne to develop a custom theme enhanced with community feedback features and various social media outlets.